Memory – A Gift That Matters Most

June 1, 2015



The majority of the people in the world take their gift just to remember things past and present for granted, thus assuming their memory will last forever. Then, Alzheimer’s happens robbing some of their careers families, mental and physical health before ultimately killing its victims.


A few days ago, we made a yearly visit to see my former professor, mentor, confidant and “DAD”. As we were driving on the immaculate assisted living facility for memory loss and Alzheimer patients, reality was slowly manifesting itself. We got directions from the receptionist. After receiving them, we walked down the hallway leading to his room. I knocked on his door. When he opened it, I saw a very proud and 93 year old man trying to hold back his tears as he joyfully embraced me. He attempted to reflect on the past. As he was doing so, it reminded me of a lifetime of memories that I will always cherish. After an extended conversational exchange, I asked him to evaluate my baccalaureate speech for my former high school, Steubenville High School Class of 2015. As the Dr. had done for over 45 years, he offered suggestions and relined my presentation as usual. I’ve never had a critique that made me feel so good. It was like graduate school revisited.


I spoke with the spirit that the Dr. has deposited within me. I delivered an excellent speech. I can’t wait to show him the video and newspaper write ups.


I dismiss Alzheimer and call it the powerless disease that has no place in his body. In the name of Jesus, I call the Dr. blessed and healed of the Lord. 

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