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LeBron James, the best basketball player in the world, played high school basketball at St. Vincent-St. Marys in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Did you know that this high school phenom played wide receiver for the St. Vincent-St. Marys football team?

As a sophomore, he was named first team all-state, and as a junior, he led the Fighting Irish to the state semi-finals. His football career came to an end before his senior year when he broke his wrist during an AAU basketball game. This was a good break (no pun on words) for LeBron because he missed out on the opportunity to play against The Historic Mighty Big Red of Steubenville, Ohio. Steubenville Big Red is currently ranked 20th in the United States for most victories. The 764-314-35 record ranks The Mighty Big Red third amongst Ohio storied football programs.

LeBron’s Fighting Irish of Akron St. Vincent-St. Marys are 0-3 against Steubenville Big Red, Ohio’s First Dynasty that keeps Steubenville on the map.

Big Red’s victories over St. Vincent-St. Marys prevented The Fighting Irish from advancing in the Ohio Playoffs.

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